Shammy Shack FAQ

Shammy Shack FAQ


What are chamois hockey grips? 

Chamois Hockey grips are a non-adhesive synthetic grip that are applied over your existing grip. Choose from our Core range or go Pro.

What are the advantages of a chamois grip?
Shammy Shack grips are brilliant in the wet and absorb the water better than a normal PU grip. Check out our Blog post Here.

Do I need tape to secure my chamois grip?
Yes, all chamois grips are non-adhesive so they can be replaced easily over the top of your existing grip. We recommend Shammy Shack Cotton tape or PVC tape.

How do I put on a chamois grip?
Start at the top or bottom of the stick placing the chamois grip over your existing grip. Wind the grip on smoothly be careful to overlap it slightly on each turn. Check out our video HERE.

Are any animals hurt when producing chamois grips?
No - originally chamois was the skin of a goat but all of our grips are synthetic and therefore no animals are harmed during the manufacture process.

What are the shipping options and rates?
Check out the Shipping Rates and Times by clicking here.

What's the returns policy?
Check this link for our refund policy

If you can't find the answers to your questions above please email us or use the chat button to speak to us in live chat.