Get Your Grip On

How to Grip your stick

1. Start from the bottom with the cut corner at the bottom of your existing grip.

2. Slowly wind the chamois around your stick overlapping each turn.

3. Keep the grip tight as you apply it.

4. Secure the end of the grip tightly with Shammy Shack PVC tape or Shammy Shack Cotton tape.

5. Optional - If you find the grip doesn't go on smoothly, try cutting the top end of the grip at 45 degrees and use this end to start the gripping process.

6. Again optional - If you are having trouble getting a neat finish and the grip is bunching up, try wetting it before you put it on. Leave the top and bottom inches dry and soak the rest of the grip. This should allow you to get a really tight finish as the grip will shrink slightly as it dries out.