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My name's Jeremy (hockey player, Dad and husband) the entire staff here at Shammy Shack. So, please go easy on me if something goes wrong (and it does occasionally) and please lavish me with high praises when things go right (they do most of the time) - I don't really expect you to do that by the way! But your likes/shares and personal recommendations do go a long way so thank you for those.

" Treat your business like it's your Grandmother " - My Dad

Shammy Shack Milestones

Our Story

We started Shammy Shack in 2010 as we wanted to bring colour to the world of hockey. We were the first company in the world to provide five different coloured grips and now you have the choice of over 50, still the largest anywhere on the planet.



As parents we want to safeguard the environment. We recycle as much as possible and are striving to be plastic free by the middle of 2019. We don't use product packaging and have implemented a walk to post scheme. Check out more on our blog by clicking here.


Fair Play

Hockey players like us have a great reputation for fair play. We try and emulate this at Shammy Shack by not charging too much for postage and packing and keeping product prices as low as possible. If you don't receive your order for some reason we will replace it without moaning, something we try and do when the umpire's decision goes against us.


The Future

We are always looking at ways to improve and innovate, if you have any ideas we'd love to hear from you. What's coming up? Well that would be telling but we do have some exciting things in the pipeline.