What's been going on?

What's been going on?

Good question! I mean where do we start with 2020?

In all this craziness we have forgotten a few things here at Shammy Shack. The first is that we turned 10 YEARS OLD last month! Happy Birthday to us!

Yep, we have been keeping hands on sticks for a decade now...we are still as passionate about our grips and hockey as we were back in 2010 when we started. That is why we only sell grips and tape, so we can concentrate on giving you the best prices on the web and the biggest choice.

We will have a special birthday promo soon, so keep checking your social feeds for more info.

We just wanted to say a massive thanks to our 20,000 plus customers for helping us to be the number one grip supplier in the UK and quite possibly in the world!