Running your £200 stick with an old grip?

worn out grip -

Running your £200 stick with an old grip?

It's amazing how many player's I see whose grips are long past their used by date, badly put on or just falling to bits. And what's more they are normally attached to a £200 plus stick!

I explained it to one player and his parents the other day, I said, it was like driving a beautiful car, shiny, expensive a real head turner; that was until you looked at the tyres, which were worn out, didn't really fit the car and ultimately dangerous. 

It baffles me more that we are willing to spend a lot of money on our stick but don't want to spend just a few pounds on replacing the grip. The same as the car and its tyres, the stick isn't going to work half as well if you haven't got something to hold on to. The rest of your stick doesn't need any maintenance but your grip does.

So next time you look at your stick and the grip looks worn I urge you to replace it to get the full benefit of your stick.

We recommend replacing your over grip every month and the under grip or PU grip at least once a year. Check out the video here to see how easy it is.